Beto Janz "Words & Smiles" Art Print

$30.00 - $40.00
Beto Janz "Words & Smiles" Art Print

Beto Janz "Words & Smiles" Art Print

Dimensions: 16" x 20 // 18" x 24" // 24" x 36'
Medium: Mixed Media Collage on Watercolor Paper

Proceeds of the sale of this print benefits The Sidewalk Project

Beto Janz is a Brazilian multimedia artist & designer based in Toronto, canada. Inspired by punk rock, horror, rock’n’roll and skateboard movements, his work brings the energy and attitude of these cultures. From carving wood to typography design and graphic arts, his mindset is to go for it and DIY.

After moving to Toronto in 2014, Beto also had the opportunity to collaborate in projects from the alternative high school program with Oasis Skateboard Factory, where he discovered an aptitude for mentoring the youth through the creative and transformative world of the arts. Through this he became an Artist Mentor from the Toronto District School Board in 2017. He has conducted artist talks & workshops internationally.

Beto has been featured in a short documentary by CBC/Arts & exhibited internationally in Switzerland, Norway, London, USA & Canada. His work has awarded & featured in multiple print publications including Thrasher, Skate Art & various design books.

Check out Beto Janz's Official Website here!


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