Craig Vincent "Evilution Influenza" (2015) Art Print

Craig Vincent "Evilution Influenza" (2015) Art Print

"Evilution Influenza" Art Print
Original handcut collage by Craig Vincent (2015)

Dimensions: 11" x 11"
Printed on Card Stock
Signed by Artist

A classic, popular piece by multimedia punk artist Craig Vincent! None of us expected to step into such a strange time of a global virus pandemic - this piece reminds us that evolution is inevitable and we keep our heads up, humor intact and use what we can to create!

Craig Vincent is a multi-disciplinary, multi-format, multimedia artist with an inclination towards political, societal and personal empowerment narratives - illustrated through thought-provoking, explosively energetic punk rock aesthetics on collage, canvas, moving image (video), sculpture, graphic design, writing, installation and music.

Through managing record labels and tours for his seminal NJ hardcore punk band The Degenerics, Craig’s early introductions to art began from producing flyers, record inserts, posters, patches, stickers and other merchandise by methods of screen-printing and photo- manipulation. He then spent years of self-study into a multitude of artistic processes and mediums - establishing a refined style incorporating the raucous, vitality-filled rawness of punk art with powerfully persuasive graphic sensibilities.

Craig is the founding member of Destroy Art Inc and currently works on various public/personal art projects, commissions and paints from his home studio in Oakland, California.

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