Gregg Deal "Rise" T-Shirt

Gregg Deal "Rise" T-Shirt

Gregg Deal "Rise" T-Shirt

A Premium Bella + Canvas t-shirt that is soft, comfortable and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch.

Artist’s Statement:
“Rise” is an image of a young woman looking to the sky with the word “RISE” above her head. But the feeling of the portrait invokes something greater. We live in tumultuous times, navigating spaces that are sometimes unsure and hostile, enduring new ways of being divided and ostracized. Images like this are important in planting an idea that can resonate through our communities and evoke change. The mural is an image of power and positivity, an image of a woman, and an image of resilience. By creating something that is general in its representation, while still holding elements important to Indigenous representation, “Rise” is accessible to everyone.

Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) is a contemporary artist and activist whose work focuses on Native political issues with a punk rock /street art aesthetic.

Trained as an oil painter, printmaker and graphic designer, Deal’s artwork spans an array of media including visual art, murals, print work, performance art, video, and conceptual art.

He has received multiple accolades in awards, exhibitions, artist residencies & was recently received with an art grant by the Colorado Creative Industries to produce "The Punk Pan- Indian Romantic Comedy," - a performance piece telling the story of modern Indigenous life, identity, social issues & futurism.

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