Gregg Deal "Anarchy in the UK" T-Shirt

Gregg Deal "Anarchy in the UK" T-Shirt

Gregg Deal "Anarchy in the UK" T-Shirt

Lyrics from the song Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols

A Premium Bella + Canvas t-shirt that is soft, comfortable and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch.

Available Sizes: XS - 4XL
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"The Others" is a new series that reappropriates old comic book images from the 40's and 50's of Indigenous characters. In it, the dialog is replaced with lyrics from old Punk songs of the 70's, 80's and 90's that resonate with the scene or the greater Indigenous struggle. Each image has been redrawn, recolored and repurposed to embody aspects of stereotype, identity, historical consideration and the intersection of an aspect of American culture (Punk Rock) that has affected my life and has affected innumerable Indigenous youth through the years. These intersections are meant to illustrate the complexity of Indigenous existence, growing up in America amidst things we love and things we hate. While easily viewable as a series of works and speaks to people regardless of connection it has to specific music and bands, it stands on its own illustrating these Indigenous complexities." - Gregg Deal

Gregg Deal (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe) is a contemporary artist and activist whose work focuses on Native political issues with a punk rock /street art aesthetic.

Trained as an oil painter, printmaker and graphic designer, Deal’s artwork spans an array of media including visual art, murals, print work, performance art, video, and conceptual art.

He has received multiple accolades in awards, exhibitions, artist residencies & was recently received with an art grant by the Colorado Creative Industries to produce "The Punk Pan- Indian Romantic Comedy," - a performance piece telling the story of modern Indigenous life, identity, social issues & futurism.

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