Jayed Scotti "Delicious Happiness" Signed Art Print (1979)

Jayed Scotti "Delicious Happiness" Signed Art Print (1979)

Jayed Scotti "Delicious Happiness" Signed Art Print (1979)

Year: 1979
Dimensions: 13" x 19"
Medium: Print on Premium EPSON Metallic Photo Paper
Hand-signed, First Edition of 10
Artist Statement included

As featured as the back cover artwork on Dead Kennedys seminal compilation album "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death" (1987).


Jayed Scotti (b. 1954) is an art conservation technician, artist, musician and an important contributor to the San Francisco/Bay Area punk scene since its formative days in the mid ‘70s. Born in France and based in California, USA, Jayed was the drummer of the performative punk band The Feederz, a supporting factor in the artwork and recordings of early Dead Kennedys & Alternative Tentacles, and the original co-creator of the seminal Fallout Zine alongside his best friend, Winston Smith.

Frequenting museums in Europe and the USA developed Jayed's interest in the construction, care and restoration of artworks, as well as scientific research of archival materials that provide longevity out of various traditional art techniques and mediums.

Jayed’s personal artworks often explores the mechanisms of historical power and control structure. He has more often been seen behind-the-scenes assisting in concert and stage production, or as a performer. He currently lives in Mendocino with his wife, Carole, and is working on an upcoming ‘Transparency’ series of digital, abstract artworks.


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