"A-FACE" Cotton Tote Bag

"A-FACE" Cotton Tote Bag

"A-FACE" Cotton Tote Bag
Sleeve by Martin H. is a collection by Destroy Art Inc, endorsed by the artist Martin H.

Tote Bag Dimensions: 14.5" x 16"
(Perfect for 12" LPs)

Screenprinted by the hand of Cole Gates in Oakland, CA.

Originally put together by Rainy (bassist of Discharge), the iconic Anarchy Face was placed in the back cover sleeve artwork by Martin H. in the band's release "Fight Back" (1980).

Martin H. is the enigmatic friend & designer of some of the iconic cover sleeve artworks from the British band Discharge in the very early 80’s. He studied graphic design at the North Staffordshire Polytechnic in Stoke-on-Trent (hometown of Discharge) then later jumped into the Fine Art Department, specializing in print-making. His method & use of photo-montage and manipulation of photographic images created artworks that has now historically impacted the punk aesthetic.

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