Matthew Kadi "Trumpet on the Streets #2" Photo Print (2020)

Matthew Kadi "Trumpet on the Streets #2" Photo Print (2020)

Matthew Kadi "Trumpet on the Streets #2" Photo Print (2020)

Dimensions: 9.25" x 13"
Printed on Ultra Premium EPSON Semi-Gloss Photo Paper
Photographed during the Justice for George Floyd Protest, Sacramento.

50% of proceeds from sales of this print goes to: Anti-Police Terror Project, Sacramento We encourage you to also donate to this organization directly and learn about their missions.

Matthew Kadi is a photographer, videographer, designer, avid drummer and one of the pillar figures in the present-day Californian punk scene. Introduced to punk & abstract art in junior high by his teacher, mentor and friend Wendy Brasher, Matthew & friends quickly started the now seminal punk/hardcore band Monster Squad in 1997. Later projects include Great Apes, Build Us Airplanes and Holehog.

In 1998, his Great-grandmother handed down her AE-1. This moment, along with mentor Tom Ray, sparked a lifelong interest in photography. His passion is for capturing honest, spontaneous, intrinsic portraits of punks & people, alongside electrifying moments in various social events & the fun struggles of punk shows.

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