DNGRCT "Offspring" Poster 12" X 18" (2017)

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DNGRCT "Offspring" Poster 12" X 18" (2017)

DNGRCT "Offspring" Poster (2017)

Printed on Velvet Art Paper featuring hand-drawn and designed by DNGRCT for The Offspring / Gilman Street Benefit in Berkeley, 2017. Signed by Artist.
Actual print dimensions approx 12" x 18"


Oakland based street artist DNGRCT vandal, rabble rouser, punk rocker works primarily in stencils w/ spray paint in his work always alongside wheat pasting his outdoor work. The East Bay troublemaker signature is a stencil image of a snarky cat w/ fangs wearing an eye patch. DNGRCT strives to express empowerment & equality w/ strong anti-authoritarian and deep support of anarchist progressive direct action including vandalism for social change.

#DidYouKnow that DNGRCT is also the co-founder and owner of Destroy Art Inc?

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