Phil Geck "Fire The Faith" Art Print (2007)

Phil Geck "Fire The Faith" Art Print (2007)

Phil Geck "Fire The Faith" Art Print (2007)

Only 10 signed copies available!
Dimensions: 13" x 19"
Printed on Premium EPSON Velvet Art Paper

"Fire the Faith" was Monster Squad's second full length album, and for the first time, you can now own the first edition signed print of the artwork used on the cover! The original artwork is an oil painting by Phil Geck (Monster Squad vocalist), created during the presidency of George Bush in 2007. An anti-war commentary, the artwork is a statement against the Government and American multinational companies who chose profit over people, using tools like religion pitted against society to follow blind faith.

The phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum" is one of the two Latin mottos that appear on the back of the Great Seal of the United States. It is translated to "A new order of the ages.", and was said to signify "the beginning of the new American Era".

Phil Geck (b.1981) is a tattooer, punk musician and multi-format artist from the Bay Area / Sacramento Valley, California. Recognizing as a child that art provided a safe escape for his mind to imagine and defy impossibilities, Phil took advantage of all the art programs in school. There he discovered an inherent flexibility, talent and passion in multiple audio-visual art forms - sculpture, paintings, and music - starting the internationally renown punk band Monster Squad in high school with his friends.

Phil’s tattoo work has brought him much acclaim - his animal, skull and portraiture captures the difficult task of portraying the true essence of the subject. With his music, he strives to create deeper meaning through messages in his lyrics. He doesn’t believe in art with rules, encouraging the mental freedom to explore concepts and mix using any and all mediums that feels right.

Touring internationally and working guest spots in tattoo studios has elevated Phil’s craft, ensuring evolution and endless inspiration. He is currently tattooing full-time with Death & Glory Tattoo in Davis, California. Aside from Monster Squad, he has two bands - LUV and Ancient Rage - currently in recording for releases coming soon. He has started sculpting again, and continues to work on fine-tuning his painting with oil, with an upcoming series of black-and-white canvas paintings.

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