Sour Steve "Star of the Dog Show" Collage Print (2019)

Sour Steve "Star of the Dog Show" Collage Print (2019)

Sour Steve "Star of the Dog Show" Collage Print (2019)

Limited to only 5 hand-signed, first edition copies!
Dimensions: 12 x 12 in.
Printed on Cardstock Paper

Tyler “Sour Steve” Stephens is a 24 year old punk rock surrealist graphic collage artist and multi instrumentalist living in Hickory, North Carolina. Tyler combines his radical left politics and sick sense of humor to bring a very unique, and controversial vision to his art. Fueled by the mostly conservative population around him, Tyler uses music and art to create a visceral, near-panic inducing experience that is not for the faint of heart. Stitched, tattered, trashed, scattered, and all glued together, Tyler’s music and artwork combined creates a true horror show for the big wigs upstairs and all their little minions.

Growing up mostly in Northern West Virginia, Tyler had a mostly conservative upbringing that never seemed to stick. Growing up, Tyler won numerous awards, talent shows and competitions across the rural state with his music whether with a band or performing solo. After receiving general studies at Potomac State College of WVU, Tyler moved to Boone, North Carolina to study music at Appalachian State University. After the music program refused to let him in because of his lack of insight on reading sheet music, Tyler dabbled in many fields such as environmental science, art history, and commercial photography, eventually Tyler decided to drop out after being fed up the the administrations policies put in place to fail students unfairly.

Fueled by the frustrations of school, work, politics, and his environment, Sour Steve was born of the fact that forming a punk band in the country is pretty hard when no one can keep up with you. A complete DIY transformation took over Tyler as he began producing his own hand-carved collage prints because he can’t keep still long enough for a pen or paintbrush. Originally Sour Steve was only instrumental until he realized talent doesn’t exist, only passion. If you can feel, you can sing thus, Age of Disconnection was born, the debut album of newly formed artist: Sour Steve.

Since the release of Age of Disconnection, Sour Steve has seen mild success being featured on a handful of punk rock promotional channels including: PunkersTV and as well as having air play on RiotFM and Punk Rock Demonstration Radio. Since the release, Tyler has been busy writing the follow up album, Life in a Cage. A concept album set to release in October 2020 detailing a post-2020 fascist-ruled America through the eyes of an unnamed protagonist. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you soon will!

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