Stealworks "Crass-Blueprint" T-shirt

Stealworks "Crass-Blueprint" T-shirt

Stealworks "Blueprint: Crass" T-Shirt (2020)

From a tribute collection of reimagined classic punk logos.

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Originally designed by the late David King, Stealworks reimagined this iconic Crass logo as a master blueprint.

John Yates (US) is a graphic designer who got his start working for Dead Kennedys’ Alternative Tentacles Records label. Originally from the UK, he also ran his own small label, Allied Recordings, produced the art zine Punchline, and has provided designs for the likes of Stüssy, Burton Snowboards, KR3W Denim, Live Nation, and more. Under the Stealworks nom de plume he produces digitally handcrafted rebellion in various forms.

“What are you rebelling against, Johnny?”

“Whaddaya got?”

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